Brief Look at the History of the Call Center Industry of the Philippines

Published: 08th February 2011
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The call center industry is one of the Philippine’s most successful industries. This is due to the fact that the demands for their services are not coming from the local market. According to industry experts, majority of the demands are coming from the world market, mostly in the US and in other English speaking countries around the world.

So what made the industry successful? From its beginning, to what is known today as the largest provider of call center services, the call center industry had always been known foreseen as one of the most successful industries in the Philippines. And this is all because of the industry’s continuous dedication to provide the best Live Answering Servicefor different businesses.

The First Foundation

The call center industry of the Philippines started as a provider of email response and managing services. The industry, however, had shifted when the demand grew for call center services and Business Answering Service while the number of call center companies and agencies had also grown in the market, which prompted the start of the call center industry of the Philippines. And because of their services, the industry grew larger as the years go by.

Sunshine Industry of the Philippines

Due to the continuous increase of new call center companies and agencies in the Philippines, the number of new call center services had also grown. From its initial call center service, their services had evolved dramatically to include many types of customer relation services such as order taking services, travel services, reservation services, customer care, technical support, as well as a number of Business Answering Service and business-to-business services.

Because of these new services, the industry was allowed to expand in the Philippine market. And because of its quick and massive expansion, the government had recognized the call center industry as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines. And this wasn’t only because of its rapid expansions, but also because of its contribution to combat unemployment in the Philippines.

Call Center Capital of the World

Though the industry was heavily affected by global recession, the industry had risen again when the number of foreign investors returning to the Philippines had grown. And today, because of the success of the industry in the Philippines as well as in the global market, the Philippines was later recognized as the call center capital of the world.

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