Rhinoplasties in the Philippines

Published: 21st September 2011
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Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as nose job, is a popular cosmetic surgery offered by many medical groups all over the world. Although the practice was started in India, it was popularized by many western countries, such as by British and American surgeons. Today, rhinoplasty had also become a very popular cosmetic surgery in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. And one practice of rhinoplasty that became popular in the Philippines is goretex rhinoplasty Philippines.

Rhinoplasty: Where it started
According to historians and medical experts, rhinoplasty started in India. British surgeons traveled in this country to see and learn how rhinoplasties are being performed. Joseph Constantine Carpue was one of those British physicians who spent 20 years studying the ancient practice of rhiniplasty in India.

From India, rhinoplasty spread throughout the European countries and in the US. Eventually, rhinoplasty was reintroduced in Asia as an improved and modernized plastic and cosmetic surgery. The Philippines was one of the many Asian countries in which rhinoplasties is considered as their main specialty.

Rhinoplasty in the Philippines
Rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the Philippines, particularly because of the demands of many Filipinos, particularly with the women, to enhance the appearance of their nose.

According to Filipino surgeons, nose job Philippines is very different with nose jobs done in the western hemisphere. Majority of patients that undergoes a nose job wanted a with a high bridge. Because of this, the nasal bones are usually cut and moved towards the midline so as to slightly elevate the bridge.

For greater augmentation or elevation, Philippine cosmetic surgeons usually use an implant such as silicone, Med-Por, as well as Gore-Tex.

In addition to that, autologous graft tissues, such as septum cartilage, costal or rib cartilage, as well as the auricular or ear cartilage can also be used for augmentation which will significantly reduce the risk of complications such as infection and extrusion.

Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty
According to experts, gore-tex is a material known for its waterproof and breathable composition. Although popularly used as a rain wear, gore-tex is also used for a number of surgeries. According to many medical experts from the US, gore-Tex is used as a medical prosthesis for replacing torn anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.

In addition to that, gore-tex is also now also popularly used in rhinoplasty which is not only affordable, but also an effective material used to elevate the nose bridge.

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